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MHS is an open enrollment school, meaning we will accept students from inside and outside of our school boundaries.

Student Registration

Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during enrollment

Registration Checklist pdf  
(please allow additional time to download 6.99MB) 

The following information must be provided at the time of registration: 

Proof of Residence
 -  One of the following must be submitted:
  • Current Utility bill (Gas, Electric, Water).  Disconnect notices will not be accepted.
  • Title Papers
  • Purchase Contract
  • Lease/Rental Agreement (must be on letterhead of rental company)

Proof of Custody or Guardianship - One of the following must be submitted:

  • Custody Papers
  • Arizona Court Appointed Guardianship Papers                                 
  • Documentation from the Superior court of Arizona showing the pending court date for your Guardianship hearing. Final papers must be provided within one week of the hearing date.

Birth certificate - All students must have Birth Certificate on file.  If the birth is lacking upon day of registration, a copy must be submitted within thirty (30) days.  No student may participate in AIA activities without a birth certificate on record.


Withdrawal Papers - Students need an official withdrawal document and transfer grades if enrolling during the school year.


Report Card or Unofficial Transcript - Must be from previous or current semesters.  Students transferring from a school in a foreign country must provide a transcript translated into English.

Arizona State Statutes regarding Immunization must be observed for student enrollment


Immunization Records - Students must have proof of immunizations for the following before enrolling. (Document signed by physician, physicians' office, health provider, or former school record with signature).
  1. TD or DT - Student must have proof of tetanus shot (TD/DT) within the last 10 years; there must be at least four vaccine dates.
  2. OPV, IPV (Polio) - there must be at least three vaccine dates
  3. MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella - One shot for all three vaccines (usually given together, MMR after age one).  The child must be no younger than one year old for the vaccine at the time the MMR was given for it to be effective.  A second MMR booster is recommended but not required for enrollment.

Without these items, your registration could be delayed. If you need to receive records from another school, please arrange to have them faxed to our Registration Office before you come to register.


ATTENTION:  Any student enrolling that has been out of school ten (10) or more consecutive days will enter on a "no credit" status (student will receive no credit for the semester).

A Note to Parents/Guardians from the Attendance /Registration Office regarding...Phone and or Address Changes

Parents and legal guardians-please inform the front office as soon as possible if:

  • You have any changes in your work/home phone number
  • You have a change of address

We must  have current phone numbers in the event we need to contact you for any reason.

When notifying us of a change of address, please provide the front office with a copy of a current utility bill (SRP, SW gas or City of Tempe) showing that your residence is within the MHS attendance area. If you have moved outside of the MHS attendance area, an Open Enrollment Application Form must be submitted.


Important:  ALL classes/courses taken outside a student’s regular schedule, MUST have prior approval. ALL students wishing to take a class off campus must visit their guidance counselor and pick up an Alternative Credit Form, have it signed and approved. Failure to do this will result in the denial of outside credit placed on transcripts.
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