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MPHS Staff Directory by Alphabetical Listing

Last Name / Service First Name Department Job Title Extension Direct # (480) Email / Fax # (480) Teacher Website
Academic Intervention Office 50135 toneil@tempeunion.org
Academic Services Office 50102 racuna@tempeunion.org
Activities Marie Office 50106 mslany@tempeunion.org
Acuna Rosalie Administration Administrative Asst. - Academics 50102 388.8902 racuna@tempeunion.org
Adams Steve Visual Arts Department Chair / Teacher 50163 388.8933 sadams@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Agnew Dawn Social Studies Teacher 50596 dagnew@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Alston Natasha Social Studies Department Chair / Teacher 50168 388.8938 nalston@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Ash Sharon IEP Services Teacher 50611 sash@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Athletics Barb Office 50104 bneal@tempeunion.org
Attendance Joni Office 50143 jvillalobos@tempeunion.org
Attendance Robyn Office 50144 rramseyer@tempeunion.org
Attendance Hotline Hotline 388.8989
Austin Margaret English Teacher 50514 maustin@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Awad Katrin IEP Services Psychologist NA kawad@tempeunion.org
Bagley Kay Administration Receptionist 50000 kbagley@tempeunion.org
Bednarik Janice IEP Services Paraprofessional NA jbednarik@tempeunion.org
Benanti (Lopez) Veronica Maintenance Custodian NA vlopez@tempeunion.org
Boatright Mary Catherine World Languages / Gifted Teacher 50195 388.8955 mcboatright@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Bonagofski Kimberly Performing Arts Teacher 50513 kbonagofski@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Bookstore Debbie Office 50155 dgoddard@tempeunion.org
Boss Laura World Languages Teacher 50536 lboss@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Bradford James Math Teacher 50546 jbradford@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Branham Prayer Security Security Guard NA pbranham@tempeunion.org
Bruce Melanie English Teacher 50515 mbruce@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
Burr Pat Science Teacher 50583 pburr@tempeunion.org Website" target="_blank">Website
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