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McClintock High School Site Based Council:

Mission Statement:

MHS SBC provides a vehicle by which MHS staff, students, parents and other interested stakeholders are sharing in the decision-making process and in the development and evaluation of school programs.  This process will serve to improve the learning environment, quality of education and quality of life at MHS.


Find our Site Based Council's Constitution here

Site Based Council meets the first Monday of every month from 1:33pm-2:30pm, in the McClintock High School administrative conference room. Meetings times and dates are subject to change, so please call 480 752 8621 to verify.

Site Based Council Members:

Name Role
Melanie Beikman Parent
Francesca Callicotte Senior
Tyrone Fong Certified
Steve Gibbons Parent
Derek Hoffland Principal
Bill Hubele Certified
Madelyn Kartchner Freshman
Micah Kriston Certified
Trish Ladue Certified
Vivienne Liebig Freshman
Mary Roth Mori Classified
Tracy Olsen Parent
Rory Ruelas Certified
Dan Stone Parent
Maribeth Sublette Certified
Mira Theilman Senior
Malique Washington Junior

Meeting Minutes

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