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Tempe Union High School District

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Technology Infrastructure & Information Systems, (TIIS) Department serves the District's technology needs. Direct services are provided to users at the District Office and support is provided to users at the school sites through local Media Centers.
Vendor Solicitation
We welcome all perspective vendors to fill out the vendor forms by visiting our Purchasing Department's pages for more information on becoming an approved vendor.

TIIS Contacts

John Zumph
Director of Technology Infrastructure & Information Systems
(480) 839-0292 x17090 
Marcus Williams
Help Desk Supervisor
(480) 839-0292 x17012
Theresa Jardon
Help Desk Specialist
(480) 839-0292 x17051 
Shaun Zielonka
Network Engineer
(480) 839-0292 x17015  
Windows Engineer
(480) 839-0292 x17013
Binquing (Dennis) Liu
Application Developer
(480) 839-0292 x17014 
Greg Campbell
Windows Systems Analyst
(480) 839-0292 x17021
Melissa Robison
Academic Services Data Analyst
(480) 839-0292 x17042 
Melinda Harris
Academic Software Support Technician
(480) 839-0292 x17041
Hilary Geraty
Academic Software Support
(480) 839-0292 x17043
Chris Knoll
Support Technician
(480) 839-0292 x17053
Jay Rollins
Communications Technician
(480) 839-0292 x17060
Jordan Sarrett
Apple Systems Analyst
(480) 839-0292 x17022
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