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Tempe Union High School District

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the TUHSD Purchasing Department

We are totally committed to spending taxpayer dollars in the most efficient and effective manner. We trust our website will be helpful in locating valuable information that will allow you to more effectively use the services offered by our Department.

Department Mission

The Purchasing Department’s mission is to support the goals and objectives of the District by delivering consistent and professional procurement support to all employees.

Department Goals

The Department will act as honest brokers between the external marketplace and internal users to arrive at best value procurement decisions while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The Department will honor and comply with all laws, rules, and policies governing the purchasing function. The Department will strive to develop quality-based partnerships with highly performing suppliers to ensure the most appropriate equipment materials and supplies are being purchased - through valid, compliant, and competitive contracts. All members of the Department will work as a team in delivering the highest possible customer service.

Department Objectives

The fundamental objectives of our purchasing program may be summarized as follows:

Program Support:  Maintain the educational program at the highest level by providing the maximum expenditure value for a fixed budget appropriation. 

Timing:  Maintain continuity of supply in support of the educational program.

Cost:  Procure material at the lowest cost consistent with quality and service required. 

Quality:  Maintain standards of quality in materials based on user requirements.

Usefulness:  Avoidance of duplication, waste, and obsolescence.

Vendor Registration

Tempe Union High School District utilizes AZ Purchasing for vendor registration.

AZ Purchasing.org

Arizona Purchasing website serves purchasers across different disciplines for the purposes of; developing a central and statewide prospective bidder’s list, posting solicitations and requests for quotations online and to more effectively disseminate solicitation information to the vendor and varied buyer communities.
The mission of Arizona Purchasing is to provide purchasers with web based tools to more efficiently manage prospective bidders and solicitations whereby providing effective communication to the vendor community.
Arizona Purchasing primarily began with its focus in aiding Arizona School Districts, though it has grown to also help institutions of higher education, as well as municipalities, through the entire State of Arizona.

Register here to begin using AZPurchasing: http://www.azpurchasing.org/.

Statewide vendor registration links:

To assist vendors with the task of registering with multiple government entities such as the State, school districts, cities, counties and other public entities, click https://procure.az.gov/bso/.

Every attempt has been made to provide a link directly to the entity's vendor registration site. Be aware that not all public entities have an on-line registration system.

This information has been posted as a courtesy to the vendor community.

Purchasing & Warehouse Contacts

Peggy Ferrin
Director of Purchasing & Warehouse Services
(480) 839-0292 x14011
Patricia Lorenzen
Lead Buyer
Operational Services, Construction, and Technology 
(480) 839-0292 x14022 
Faith Hanley
Student Support Services, Supplies,
Travel & Transportation
(480) 839-0292 x14021
Bianca Birchfield
Administrative Assistant II Purchasing
(480) 839-0292 x14031
Ute Chiren
Purchasing Specialist
(480) 839-0292 x14032 
Samuel Pacheco
Warehouse Technician
Cell (602) 295-7403
Steve Woolstenhulme
Warehouse Technician
Cell (602) 722-5118
Carlos Lopez
Warehouse Courier
Cell (602) 826-4687 
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